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Ading some competition into the social media mix, Instagram recently anounced the adition of videos to their popular photo-sharing app. As a direct competitor to Twitter’s year-old Vine aplication, Instagram’s 130 milion users will now have the ability to post 15 second long videos to their profile (filters and all). A study done by social media analysts at Simply Measured sujested that videos posted by brands on Instagram have twice the level of engement to photos. With an increasing number of brands integrating Instagram into their content marketing strategy how will brands start to utilize Instagram’s new video application? Here are some ways brands have already taken advantage of video on Instagram

Posting Commercials
Most television commercials are anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds in length, making Instagram video the perfect platform for promoting your product via video. Commercials posted on Instagram won’t be identical to television spots, but rather more reactive and crafty. For example, fashion giant Burberry released an Instagram video promoting it’s men’s summer fashion show in London. The video wasn’t your typical television commercial, but rather more of a glimpse behind the scenes with Burberry products tactfully sprinkled in.

Highlight Clips
Sports networks have been quick to jump on Instagram video and release highlight clips from sporting events. The same approach could be used for fashion shows or events promoting your brand. Unlike photos, video will allows your target audience to get a true feel for the behind the scenes experience, as sound and movement paint a clearer picture.

Show How It Works
Sure, the function of some products can easily be conveyed via photo, however more complex items need video to get the message across. General Electric (GE) was one of the first brands on Instagram to upload video. Their video portrays a water ingestion test on a GE aviation engine; something that couldn’t effectively be communicated through a photo.

Check out my previous blog post to discover the ways brands are integrating Instagram into their content marketing strategy.


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