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I believe that your blog layout says a lot about you as a person, much like the your astrological sign or how the numbers of your birth date add up. I mean, think about it: this is the manner in which you choose to display the articles you’ve worked so hard on… surely that must mean something about your personality.

So I’ve broken down some of the most common themes to tell you, dear reader, what your chosen layout means, and while the examples featured here are from Tumblr, layouts such as these are often available with a variety of blogging platforms, so don’t feel like you have no place here just because you aren’t using Tumblr–as blogging platforms go, Tumblr just happens to be my personal preference.

One column blog layout

If you’ve chosen a one column blog layout, that probably means you’re a very versatile individual. After all, it is one of the few that can comfortably handle text, image, audio, and video posts with minimal resizing. You are also a very open person: With such an easy to use layout, readers will have no trouble accessing your content.

blog layout(

Of course, because of how well you can handle a variety of things, sometimes people take you for granted. The single column layout is one of the more common themes, meaning people don’t necessarily bat an eyelash when they see it.

Two or more column blog layout

If you’ve selected a blog layout that features two or more columns of content, then you’re probably a very talkative, extroverted person. Having multiple columns means that you can express more of your thoughts and opinions in a much smaller space, meaning readers will have quicker access to your content.

blog layout(

Unlike your one column friends, however, you can sometimes be a bit confusing to those around you. With this theme choice, your content is now being stuffed into multiple, narrower columns. While this isn’t usually a big deal, it is important to keep in mind that the more columns you use, the more your content will need to be resized to accommodate everything. This can sometimes make things harder to see for your reader.


I’m willing to bet people have called you “quirky” before, haven’t they? You’ve got a one of a kind personality, and your chosen theme reflects it.  The side-scrolling layout look is really unique, and there aren’t a lot of them in use. You also probably have a lot of different hobbies and interests to match your fun personality. A side-scroller has room for different types of content without much resizing or distortion. There’s enough room for everything without creating lots of wasted space.

blog layout(

Unfortunately, it is your odd outlook on life that can sometimes drive people away, as they don’t quite know what to make of you. The uniqueness of this blog layout is also its main drawback: people simply aren’t used to scrolling sideways instead of downwards, the way they would on any other webpage and on their own Tumblr dashboard. Having to reorient yourself for the sake of one blog can be a huge turn off.

Picture board

I’m guessing you’re more the quiet, artsy type, aren’t you? The picture board style layout isn’t really meant for a heck of a lot of text posts or commenting. As the name suggests, this type of theme is meant for people who like to post and reblog visual content.

blog layout(

While your quiet demeenor gives way to a lot of creativity, you can sometimes come off as being very shy and awkward. As I said above, this particular theme isn’t acomodating for anything other than images. Oh, you can get a few smal text posts out, and maybe get away with the od video every now and then. You just need to keep in mind that visitors to your blog will have to click on the smaller squares to get to the post itself, and that could be one step to many for people who want easy access to your posts.


Was that helpful, readers? Do you feel youve learned a lot about yourself? Be sure to leave a comment below to tell me how accurate my predictions are. Maybe I have a future in fortune teling. You never know.


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