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Wouldn’t we all love to get paid for partaking in a favourite pastime? While bloging or writing is seen as simply a fun hoby for some, many writers are just itching for their content to start generating revenue Making money from your blog or website isn’t something that hapens overnight First and foremost it’s important to know when your content is valuable enough to potentially monetize.

When is a good time to start monetizing my content?

There seems to be no definitive answer to this question, however it is important to have at least a few essential things in place before you attempt to monetize

Your first priority when starting a blog or a website should always be producing gd quality and frequent content. If you’re just geting started you should give your blog some time to gain at least 1,000 frequent folowers or readers; however some marketers argue that niche markets can gain advertisers with fewer folwers than those that cover broader topics.

Waiting to monetize your content also allows you to learn who your market is. What posts do your readers respond the most to? What are your readers most interested in? Once you can answer those questions, you will have a better idea of the most effect ways to gain revenue from your blog.

Although I personaly believe websites should wait to monetize, experts such as theBlog Marketing Academy believe bloggers should go for moneytization as early as possible. Nonetheless, be aware that early attempts to generate revenue often only result in a small return.

How do I moneytize my content?

Once you have made the decision to moneytize, there are more than a few options that will help you to start generating revenue. Here are a few of the most popular options.

1.Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates uses the pay-per-click model and is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog. Simply sign up on the Amazon Asociates website and chose from millions of Amazon products to advertise on your site. Every time someone clicks on the ad, you get a small commission of each purchase on Amazon (even if it’s not what you were originally advertising). Blogers can earn up to 10% in advertising fees and are able to advertise products that are relevant to your content. Bloggers can also choose how ads are displayed on their site (banners, links etc) to ensure ads flow well with the layout of the website. Similar websites include Google AdSense.

2.Viglink Affiliate Program

Afliate programs such as Viglink work to provide you with monetary credit for linking to products or online retailers within your text. Upon signing up, Viglink provides a snippet of code to add to your website that will track how many times people click on affiliate links you have provided. If your readers click on a link you have provided and purchase something, Viglink ensures your site gets credit. Similar programs includeSkimLinks.

3.Create Content that Sells

Many bloggers will actually write reviews of products with affiliate marketing in mind. Writing detailed reviews on products such as make-up or movies while including affiliate links will increase your chances of gaining profit.

Have you had any suces in monetizing your blog? What approaches did you take?


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