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Get Scored: Atomic Reach Launches Brand New Scoring Engine

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Well, today is finally the day! If you’ve been following the #AtomicScore hashtag on Twitter, you know that we’ve been up to something big… and here it is! Atomic Reach is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new content scoring engine.

Our Story

Over the past 2 years, we have helped revolutionize the way brands and bloggers connect and drive revenue through our community collaboration tools. As we perfected our content curation platform, we realized that there was a need for better insights into content quality and audience engagement.

What we do now

We now build algorithms based on human behaviour patterns to score the quality of your content and its relevance to your target audiences. By telling us who your intended target audience is, we will let you know if your content is a match for them. We will show you what, when and where you should share your articles. And we do all this in the pre-amplification stage, a crucial step that allows you to optimize your content before you  publicize it to the world.

Score the Value of Your Content

Plug in your URL feed and our analytics dashboard will provide a breakdown of results that show you what improvements you can make to propel your content. Your score is based on measures that range from paragraph density to originality to sophistication. Alongside, social engagement affects your score so the dashboard becomes a very important page to check daily to see how well your content is doing.


Audience match: hit or miss?

What’s a high quality post without an audience to read it? When you plug in your URL, we also ask you to tell us about your writing style and intended target audience. Atomic Reach will help you determine how effective your content is targeted to the audience you are looking to engage. For example: some of the helpful analytics include: content that is too simple or complex for your readers. This allows you to examine what you’ve created, and helps you create content tailored to your readership to improve your audience interaction… or perhaps discover an audience you didn’t even know you had!


Discover Amazing Content

Finally, not only can you improve your own content, but the Scoring Engine will also allow you to discover and share similar high quality content based on your personal interests. Our tagging system lets you manage what posts you want to see, and our platform can introduce you to similar content you’re interested in from other platform users. Once you discover something you love, you  can share it to your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


If you’d like to help your content achieve the highest levels of quality possible, head over to the Atomic Reach website to sign up and get scored.



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